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 Why Give to DSA 

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At the beginning of each school year, DSA Friends launches our annual fundraising campaign, Fill the Gap. Denver School of the Arts currently faces a "gap" of $1,500 per student. This gap is the difference between what it costs to provide a comprehensive arts/academic education per student and what we receive per student from the district.

Fill the Gap was started as a way to unite all DSA families in raising money for the school as a whole, instead of by individual department. DSA is tuition free, but donation dependent.  While funds raised benefit every arts department through funding guest artists & equipment, they also go towards academics, capital improvements, building safety/security, and technology upgrades. 

When outside funders see a high level of internal support, they are more likely to fund the organization. Strong parents support shows that you have invested and believe in the work of the organization. When you donate you are not only supporting the arts departments, but a wide variety of other needs. Below is a list of some of the items that Fill the Gap campaign funds have provided to the DSA students and campus in the last two years. 


All DSA families are asked to participate at the level that fits their budget. We would like all parents to understand that their participation is essential in order to offer the high-level arts and academic programming that makes DSA successful.

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